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A. MSME Sector Diagnostic Report for Haryana 2018

The report assesses the current state of Haryana’s industrial sector and the MSMEs by looking into various components of the ecosystem, identifying the major gaps, designing recommendations and action plan

B. Leading Practices Report for MSME Sector in Haryana

A comprehensive diagnostic and assessment of the leading models and practices adopted across the World as well as in India, with a view to augment the competitiveness of MSMEs. The Leading Practices Report highlights the current state of the Global manufacturing environment and the key contemporary initiatives and interventions in this regard.

Access the report here:

C. 2019: District Industries’ Profiles, Haryana

The report encompasses in-depth information on each district’s geographic, demographic
and administrative profile, along with sector-wise overview of MSME presence, investment
and employment status at district-level.

Access the report here: