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The Directorate comprises of a Head office (HO) in Panchkula, and District MSME Centers at district-level, to act as extended arm of Directorate in districts.

To plug the challenges slowing the growth of state MSMEs & strengthen key MSME developmental areas, the Directorate has adopted solution-focused, goal-directed organizational structure.

Nine (9) outcome-driven functional cells have been conceived, which basis the nature of intervention, can be broadly categorized under three (3) innovative solutions categories i.e. Forward-Backward Value Chain Integration, Facilitation Support and Sector-focussed Interventions:

A. Forward-Backward Value Chain Integration

  • Market Development & Export Promotion
  • Cluster Development
  • Entrepreneurship Accelerato

B. Facilitation Support

  • Financial Services & Credit Facilitation
  • Regulatory Facilitation & Grievances Resolution
  • Wholesale & Retail Trade

C. Sector-focussed Interventions

  • Micro & Village Enterprises Development
  • Sectoral Cell
  • Intelligence & Knowledge Hub
1) Facilitation Cells Structure:

The 9 outcome-driven functional cells of the directorate are broadly categorized under 3 categories: Forward-Backward Value Chain Integration, Facilitation Support and Sector-focussed Interventions.

2) Support Cells Structure:

Besides the cells to promote and facilitate MSMEs and small businesses in the state, the Directorate comprises of various support functions to assist the overall functioning of the office.

3) MEANS Council:

MEANS council acts as a dedicated agency to provide an impetus to the growth of the state’s MSMEs & small businesses and foster a vibrant MSME ecosystem in the state.

4) District MSME Centers: