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UCO Bank

UCO Trader

Bank UCO Bank
Scheme UCO Trader
Description Working Capital & Term loan needs of clients engaged in Retail, Wholesale Trading activities (excepting Exports) and Services Sector who are willing to furnish mortgage of property and or other acceptable security of adequate value.
Eligibility Individual, Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Company (public/private), HUF, Borrowing concern should deal exclusively with our Bank only.
Rate of Interest & Repayment ·        Upto 1 Cr: UCO Float Rate+1.55% ( UCO Float Rate as applicable from time to time)

·        Above Rs 1 Cr: based on Rating


  • Primary: Hypothecation of stocks, book debts & Fixed Assets for existing units making profit at least for last two years.
  • Collateral : Tangible collateral securities in the form of land (Non Agricultural) and building, Property to be mortgaged may be only in the name of Borrower, Proprietor, Partner, Director or any third party who should stand a guarantor.
Composite /loan Limit Rs 1 lacs to Rs 500 lacs based on eligibility
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