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  • An initiative to support small scale industries where a common platform is provided to anchor units and vendor units wherein anchor units get to know about the capability of vendors and vendor unit understands the emerging demands of anchor units.
  • MSMEs are engines for growth. Strategic Interventions for MSMEs like vendor development, subcontracting and ancillarization helps in promotion and development of large-scale industries and has helped in increasing awareness among the youth and budding entrepreneurs to establish new industries thereby contributing effectively to nation’s economic growth.
  • To foster vendors and anchors association, the state government organized sector-focused vendor development programs at various locations in Haryana with aim to provide common platform for buyers (anchor units/PSUs) and MSMEs.
  • The vendor development campaigns were undertaken around the following 3 focus sectors:
Auto-components and Light Engineering
Agro based, Food Processing & Allied industry
Textile/Apparel/Knitting/Embroidery/Technical Textiles