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Central-Acts And rules
Industries (Development and Regulation) Act 1951

Registration and Licensing of Industrial Undertakings Rules, 1952

  • To take necessary steps for the development of industries.
  • To regulate the pattern and direction of industrial development.
  • To control the activities, performance and results of industrial undertakings in the public interest.
MSMED Act, 2006
  • Establishment of specific funds for the promotion, development and enhancing competitiveness of MSME enterprises.
  • Preference in government procurements to products and services of the micro and small enterprises.
  • Notification of schemes/programmes, progressive credit policies and practices for development of MSMEs.
  • Create effective mechanisms for mitigating the problems of delayed payments to micro and small enterprises.
The Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986
  • Implementation of Quality Control Order issued by Govt. of India under section14 of BIS Act 1986 (63 of 1986).
  • Establish, promote or recognize as an Indian standard, standards established by the Bureau or any other institution in India, in relation to any article or process.
  • Grant, renew, suspend or cancel a license for the use of the Standard Mark Appointment of “Appropriate Authority” for implementation of the provisions of the Quality Control Order.
  • Quality control orders related to specific products are issued by concerned ministries/Institutions and are recognized by BIS These orders provide guidelines such as certification authority, penalty for contravention, use of standard mark etc. e.g.
    • Ministry of Steel issued Quality Control Order, 2019 for steel & steel products.
    • DIPP has issued Quality Control Orders, 2018 for kitchen appliances for use with LPG.
    • DIPP has issued Quality Control Order, 2003 for cement
    • DIPP has issued Quality Control Orders, 2003 for electrical wires, cables, appliances, protection devices & accessories.
Défense Licensing
  • Défense items require license under either Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, 1951 or under Arms Act, 1959.
  • For following categories, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) is the Licensing Authority under I(D&R) Act, 1951
    • Défense Aircraft
    • Warships of all Kinds
    • Allied items of Défense equipment (Electronic equipment specially designed for military use, Armoured or protective equipment)
  • For following categories, Secretary, DIPP is the licensing authority under Arms Act, 1959
    • Tanks & other armoured fighting vehicles
    • Arms & ammunitions & allied items of defence equipment (Energy Weapon Systems)
Companies Act 2013
  • To develop the economy by encouraging entrepreneurship.
  • To encourage transparency and high standards of corporate governance.
  • To recognize new concepts and procedures to facilitate ease of doing business while protecting interests of all the stakeholders.
  • To set-up institutional structure in the form of various authorities, bodies and panels.
  • To cater to the need for more effective and time bound approvals and compliance requirement.