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Bank of Maharashtra

Mahabank GST credit Scheme

Bank Bank of Maharashtra
Scheme Mahabank GST credit Scheme
Description To fund need based working capital requirement for Trading / Services / Manufacturing activity
  • MSME Units engaged in Trading / Services / Manufacturing Activity irrespective of constitution.
  • The MSME Unit / Borrower should have requisite registration under GST Act i.e., Provisional Registration (GST REG-25) or FinalRegistration (GST REG-06).
  • The MSME Unit / Borrower should have valid GST returns i.e. GSTR-1 (Regular) for minimum latest 3 months / GSTR-4 (Composition) for Latest Quarter.
  • The facility under the scheme is available only under Sole Banking.
Rate of Interest & Repayment Interest Rate: 8.4% onwards
Collateral ·
Composite /loan Limit Minimum Rs.10 Lakhs Maximum Rs.300 Lakhs
Margin 25% of paid stock & receivables
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