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Central Bank


Bank Central Bank of India
Description To provide financial support to contractors of good reputation engaged in works on Behalf of Central Government Department/ State Government Department/PWD/ Public Sector undertakings/ and reputed Private Sector Organizations having category of B+ rating and above.
Eligibility Civil Contractors/ Construction Contractor
Sub Contractors executing works on behalf of main contractors who have been allotted works by Main Contractors
Rate of Interest & Repayment


12 months in case of CC/OD and Maximum 5 years in case of TL


Up to Rs.10 lac @ MCLR+0.50%, Above Rs.10 lac Up to Rs.1 crore @ MCLR+1.00 and above Rs.1 crore ( Rating CBI-1 to CBI-4 @ MCLR+2.00% and CBI-5 and above @ CBI+2.50% to CBI+4.00%)

Collateral Up to Rs.1.00 crore: Equitable mortgage of immovable property having 100% of the limit sanctioned. (FB+NFB) OR CGTMSE coverage where no collateral or third party Guarantee is to be taken
Above Rs.1 crore and up to Rs.5 crore: Equitable Mortgage of immovable property having market value not less than 150% of limit sanctioned (FB+NFB).
Composite /loan Limit

Maximum Loan: Rs.5 crore

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