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Union Bank of India

Union Start up

Bank Union Bank of India
Scheme Union Start up
Description To finance for innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of new product, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property as per Start-up India Scheme.
Eligibility The Unit must be eligible and certified as “Start-up” by the concerned Government Authority as per Start-up India scheme launched by Government of India (GoI).
Rate of Interest & Repayment Concession over applicable rate of interest


Working Capital: 12 months

Term Loan: Maximum Door to Door repayment shall be 10 years including moratorium period not exceeding 36 months. Repayment can be in monthly / quarterly installments. Interest shall be recovered separately.


Collateral: Not Mandatory


·        Personal guarantee of promoter directors, partners of the firm/company having sufficient means and of all mortgagors of collateral security, if any.

Composite /loan Limit Minimum: Rs.0.10crore
Maximum: Rs.5.00crore
Margin 20%  (Working capital as well as Term Loan)
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