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Union Bank of India

Union Liqui Property

Bank Union Bank of India
Scheme Union Liqui Property
Description ·        To meet working capital requirements for business activity.

·        For Shoring-up of Net Working Capital

·        For purchase/construction/renovation of factory/ offices / shop / godown

·        For purchase of plant & machinery

·        For purchase of equipment.

·        Financing repayment of high cost debts


Eligibility ·        All business enterprises irrespective of constitution (Proprietorship/Partnership/Companies/Trust/Association etc) other than individuals and HUF engaged in business activity for minimum last two years.

·        Units should have in place all necessary statutory approvals / NOCs from respective authorities.

·        Credit Rating of the borrower should not be below UBI-5 in case of new connection and UBI-4 in case of takeover advances.

·        All new as well as existing accounts can be covered under the scheme.

·        Enterprises engaged in speculative activities/Real Estate activities are not eligible for finance under this scheme.

Rate of Interest & Repayment Rate of Interest –

Rating Micro Small Medium Others
CR-1 MCLR +1.90% MCLR +2.15% MCLR +2.40% MCLR +2.90%
CR-2 MCLR +1.90% MCLR +2.15% MCLR +2.40% MCLR +2.90%
CR-3 MCLR +1.90% MCLR +2.15% MCLR +2.40% MCLR +2.90%
CR-4 MCLR +2.90% MCLR +3.15% MCLR +3.40% MCLR +3.90%
CR-5 MCLR +2.90% MCLR +3.15% MCLR +3.40% MCLR +3.90%
CR-6 & below MCLR +3.40% MCLR +3.65% MCLR +3.90% MCLR +4.40%

(rate of interest is subject to revision from time to time)

·        Excluding additional credit risk premium for term loans


Repayment Period

·        Term Loan to be repaid in maximum 120 months inclusive of moratorium period not exceeding 6 months. Interest is to be paid as and when due.

·        Overdraft facility is for a period of one year. However, it may be further extended subject to review/renewal of the facility by competent authority on yearly basis.


Collateral ·        Equitable Mortgage of residential / commercial / industrial property (Land & Building) located at Metro / Urban / Semi Urban areas only, which are un-encumbered from other bank / FI and should be enforceable under SARFAESIA.

·        The existing immovable property held as prime/collateral security for a particular credit facility can be accepted as prime/collateral security for other credit facility. However, the value of property to be considered for the purpose of prime/collateral security is to be restricted to the residual value of property in excess of 200% of the outstanding of the loan facility against which the property is held as prime security.

·        The property should be in the name and possession of applicant / proprietor / partners / directors /promoter.

·        Property in the name of close relatives i.e. father / mother / spouse / son / unmarried daughter of the proprietor / partner / director / promoter may also be accepted and in that case the property owner should stand as guarantor.


Composite /loan Limit ·        Minimum Rs.0.10crore

·        Maximum Rs.10.00crore

Margin Margin on Value of Property – 50% of the fair market value of the property as per valuation report i.e. value of property should be minimum 200% of the proposed loan amount.
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