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UCO Bank

UCO Roop Sangam

Bank UCO Bank
Scheme UCO Roop Sangam
Description To encourage and empower women entrepreneurs
Eligibility ·        Any woman individually or any unit set up by a group of women, Partnership Firm in partnership with other women/ men where the major share in the partnership is of women partner(s)/Private Limited Company with major share of Capital being held by Women.

·        Age Minimum 20 years, Maximum 60 Years.


Rate of Interest & Repayment UCO Float Rate+ 0.55% ( UCO Float Rate as applicable from time to time)
Collateral ·
Composite /loan Limit Max: Rs 10.00 Lacs. Out of which WC not to exceed Rs.3.00 lac
Margin Up to Limit Rs 50000:   Nil
Limit above Rs 50000 and up to Rs 10.00 lacs: 15%
(If the application is sponsored from any Govt. Agency, Subsidy if available will be treated as Margin)
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