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Punjab National Bank


Bank Punjab National Bank
Description Financing against electronic Negotiable Warehouse Receipts issued by Repositories (approved by WDRA) for stocks / goods stored in WDRA accredited warehouses, to source MSME / Agriculture business.
Eligibility Farmers, Traders, Processors, Arthiyas, Exporters/ Importers who Are Original Depositors Covering only Non Perishable Agricultural Commodities.
Rate of Interest & Repayment As per Credit Risk Rating.

Repayment – Maximum 12 Months

Collateral Primary : Pledge of e-NWR duly endorsed in favor of bank issued by Repository for stocks / goods kept in WDRA accredited godowns by Farmers /Traders / Processors etc.


Collateral : Waived.

Composite /loan Limit For Individual: Rs. 50,000/- to 50 Lakh.

For Sole Proprietorship concern: Rs. 50,000/- to 25 Crore.

For others: Need based.

Margin Minimum 25%
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