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Punjab National Bank


Bank Punjab National Bank
Description To provide Working Capital to the Commission Agents/ Arhatia, irrespective of their location enabling them to make advance payment to farmers for supply of inputs as also for buying the output from them.


Supply of inputs (such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, cattle feed, poultry feed, agricultural implements and other inputs) to farmers and buying the output from them.


Carrying post harvest activities such as sorting, grading etc.

Eligibility Commission Agents/ Arhatia having valid license from the market yard/Board.

All Commission Agents/ Arhatia irrespective of location shall be covered under the scheme.

Rate of Interest & Repayment Interest: as per Bank’s policies
Collateral Personal guarantee of owner the property as per guidelines
Composite /loan Limit Maximum up to Rs. 5.00 Crore
Margin NA
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