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Bank of Maharashtra

Mahabank Scheme for units engaged in Hospitality

Bank Bank of Maharashtra
Scheme Mahabank Scheme for units engaged in Hospitality
Description Purchase of land & construction/premises for running small hotel/restaurant. The finance for purchase of Land in project cost shall not exceed 25% of the total project cost.

Working Capital

Eligibility Existing/Prospective owners of Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Centers, Pizza Centers (Franchise), Caterers, Motels (Dhaba), Bakeries, Mess, Tour Operators, Water Sports, Amusement Parks, Floating Restaurants, House Boats etc.

Individuals, Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, LLP, & Corporates

The owner of the property invariably be taken as personal guarantor to the credit facilities.

Rate of Interest & Repayment RLLR based

Incentive by way of ROI reduction if collateral is provided.

CGTMSE cover available for loan upto Rs. 2 crore.


Collateral ·
Composite /loan Limit Term Loan: Min Rs. 0.10 crore Max of Rs 10 crore

Working Capital: Min Rs. 0.10 crore Max. Rs 10 crore

Margin Micro & Small Enterprises: Minimum 20%

Medium Enterprise:  Minimum 25%

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