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Promotion of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Scheme for MSME Sector

Name of the scheme Promotion of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Scheme for MSME Sector
Ministry/Department Directorate of MSME, Haryana
Description In order the assist the state micro & small enterprises to upgrade their  Information & Communication technology (ICT) practices, to help MSEs improve their management processes ranging from procurement, manufacturing, delivery, accounting, HR & marketing, the state government provides subsidy for adoption of cloud-based Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) solutions.
Nature of assistance
  • The State Government shall provide subsidy of 75% up-to a maximum of INR 3 lakhs for two years to an eligible unit under the Promotion of Information & Communication Technology Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises.
  • The subsidy will be provided on a reimbursable basis annually on the subscription/usage charges paid by the MSE in a financial year to the Cloud based Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) service provider.
Who can apply?
  • All the existing micro and small enterprises located in the State, who have Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM) shall be eligible under the Scheme.
  • Only Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) solutions which are cloud based shall be eligible for subsidy.
  • The scheme also covers cloud based financial accounting service, regulatory compliance services & manufacturing design services. This scheme does not cover purchase of licensed version of any software nor any kind of computer/network/storage hardware installations.
  • The eligible units must also comply with the following conditions:
  • The scheme is applicable for all MSEs in the state of Haryana
  • The unit should not have been placed in the restrictive list as notified by the State Government from time to time
  • The unit must have CLU/NOC, as applicable
  • The unit should be in commercial production
  • The unit must upgrade their Information Technology infrastructure via buying subscription from a cloud-based Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) services provider
  • The unit should be in regular production at the time of disbursement and the subsidy shall not be released to a closed unit
  • The unit cannot claim subsidy under this scheme for the same subscription for which it has already availed subsidy under “Promotion of Information and Communication Technology in MSME sector” scheme of GOI
  • The units who have applied under GOIs “Promotion of Information and Communication Technology in MSME sector” Scheme but have not been able to avail subsidy due to revision in scheme or any other reason, are also eligible only after fulfilling the terms and conditions under the state Information & Communication technology (ICT) scheme
How to apply?
  • Application on prescribed form for the grant of reimbursement for Information & Communication technology (ICT) along with supporting documents to be submitted on the website of the department.
  • Application should be filed within 3 months from the end of financial year in which the subscription was purchased along with subscription agreement and all invoices & payment receipts for the financial year.
Download Scheme guidelines View Detailed Scheme