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Export Market Promotion (EMP)

Ministry Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
Related Scheme Export Market Promotion (EMP)
Description This is formulated to improve the export quality, performance and market. Includes sponsorship, promotional, seminars, conferences, Research and development.
Nature of assistance
  1. Delegation, Consultancy & Information Sourcing
  2. Participation in seminars and conferences
  3. Participation in international fairs/buyer-seller meets
  4. Publicity abroad
  5. External Market Development Assistance
  6. Coir Industry Awards. The assistance shall be provided as per revised guidelines of International Cooperation Scheme (IC Scheme) issued on 15.06.2018. The guidelines may be downloaded from the website https://msme.gov.in/marketing-promotion-schemes
Who can apply? Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs and Exporters of Coir
How to apply? The application forms can be had either from the Coir Board HO or it can be downloaded from the website http://coirboard.gov.in/
Whom to contact Joint Director (P), Coir Board
Ph: 9447187059
Email: jdp@]coirboard.org
Download Guidelines View Detailed Scheme