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Design Clinic for Design Expertise to MSMEs

Ministry Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
Related Scheme Design Clinic for Design Expertise to MSMEs
Description The scheme is for increasing competitiveness of MSMEs through adoption of design and its learning.
Nature of assistance Funding support of (1) ₹60,000 per seminar and 75% subject to a maximum of ₹3.75 lakhs per workshop, (2) To facilitate MSMEs to develop new Design strategies and or design related products and services through project interventions and consultancy.
(Government of India contribution @ 75% for micro, 60% for SMEs for the project range ₹15 lakh to ₹40 lakh.)
Who can apply? Expert agencies (Industry Associations, Technical Institutions or other appropriate bodies), for conducting seminars and workshops, MSMEs or groups of MSMEs, Academic Institutes/ design companies/ design consultants, etc., applying as co applicants along with a designated MSME.
How to apply? Expert agencies can directly apply to design clinic centres expressing intent to conduct workshops and seminars.
MSMEs can apply alone or along with a design company or a design consultant/academic institute for design projects by submission of a proposal to the Design Clinic Centre or through the internet by making an online application at  http://www.designclinicsmsme.org/
Whom to contact JDC (Design Clinic),O/o DC, MSME
Ph : 011-23062394
Email : bisariya.sanjay@nic.in
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