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Coir Industry Technology Upgradation Scheme (CITUS)

Ministry Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
Related Scheme Coir Industry Technology Upgradation Scheme (CITUS)
Description Under the Scheme the Board is extending subsidy towards the cost of equipment and other infrastructural facilities
Nature of assistance The financial assistance shall be 25% of the cost of admissible items of Plant and Machinery procured by the Coir units for modernization, upgradation and/or establishing a new unit. The upper ceiling of the financial assistance will be Rs.2.50 crores per coir unit/ project.
Who can apply? All coir production/processing units newly established will be eligible to apply for assistance. All coir production/ processing units registered with Coir Board under Coir Industry (Registration) Rules, 2008 and having Udyog Aadhar are eligible to apply for financial assistance for modernisation under this scheme.
How to apply? The applicant/beneficiary unit seeking assistance under this component shall file applications online with all relevant details /documents prescribed.
Whom to contact Joint Director (Planning), Coir Board
Ph: 9447187059
Email: jdp@coirboard.org
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