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Bank of Baroda Schemes

Baroda MSME Capex Loan

Bank Bank of Baroda
Scheme Baroda MSME Capex Loan
  • The loan to be considered for the following capital expenditure related with the regular business activity
  • Replacement of old machinery.
  •  Purchase of balancing equipment’s
  • Modernization.
  • Investment in Research and Development.
  • Installation of captive power plants and Upgradation of technology.
  • Alteration in lay out of factory/office.
  • Acquisition of software, hardware, and tools, jigs, fixtures etc. forming part of Plant & Machinery.
  • Purchase of cars, passenger cars for staff and other vehicles for use of business purpose.
  • MSME borrowers (Regulatory) and SME (Expanded) rated BOB-5 and above.
  • The manufacturing/service sector units should have been established in the line of activity for a minimum period two years, Account running with satisfactory dealings for last one year & above and No adverse features are reported in conduct of account.
Rate of Interest & Repayment
Composite /loan Limit
  • Composite Limit- 15% of Plant & Machinery for MSME(Mfg.) and 25%for Services sector outstanding as per last Audited Balance Sheet or 10% of the working capital whichever is higher based on DSCR and subject to cap –
  • Baroda MSME Capex card: Min. 25 lacs and Max Rs. 5.00 Crores.
  • Baroda MSME Capex Loan: Min 25 lacs and Max Rs. 2.00 Crores
Margin Margin Money-  Land & Building – 30%, Plant & Machinery – 25
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